Patient Experiences in Healthcare Research

Patients, as the ultimate end-users of any healthcare intervention, offer insights into the relevance of research questions, the impact of treatments on daily life, and the prioritisation of outcomes that matter most to them.

Their contributions ensure that the results of research are not only theoretically sound but are also pragmatically tuned to the real-world experiences of those affected by metastatic
bone disease

Patient Day

Together we can build social capital, enriches transparency, and nurtures a collective trust. Contributing to a heightened sense of participant ownership, which is instrumental in driving research forward in a manner that yields tangible benefits for both individual patients and the broader society.

OncoEng’s ethos is deeply rooted in the active involvement of patients and the public throughout the research continuum.

By co-creating research questions and directions with patient input, OncoEng ensures that the patient voice is not just heard but is also a determinative force in guiding research. The commitment to this collaborative approach is evident in the alignment of research outputs with the real-life experiences of individuals grappling with metastatic bone disease.

Great insight on the patient journey in the NHS. Never knew how many challenges there was to get treatment

– Leeds PhD Students on Patient Day

OncoEng is committed to patient and public involvement at all stages of the research process, co-creating research questions and directions. This enables the patient voice to influence researchers, ensuring that the outputs of research are relevant to the lived experience of people with metastatic bone disease.

If you would like to be involved or kept informed of the progress of this exciting programme of work, please contact either Prof. Richard Hall, PI or Dr Sarah Field, Knowledge Exchange Manager.

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