Metamaterials Explored: Our Experience at the 2023 UK Metamaterials Network Conference

This June, Ryan and I had the privilege of attending the UK Metamaterials Network conference at the scenic Wotton House. Over three insightful days, we delved deep into the diverse world of metamaterials, exploring their applications in health, space, and sustainability. Although our prior experience leaned heavily on structural metamaterials, the conference broadened our horizons, unveiling their varied potential.

Among the many enlightening sessions, Prof Amir Zadpoor’s insights on deployable structures particularly stood out. We were equally captivated by Dr. Mauro Augelli from UKSA and Dr. Gemma Attrill from DSTL as they unravelled the prospective roles of metamaterials in space.

Not just spectators, Ryan and I showcased our PhD research as well as our work on the OncoEng project. The positive feedback was truly motivating! On a lighter note, the conference provided me with my first opportunity to play tennis. Seizing the moments during lunchtimes, I tried my hand at tennis on the immaculate courts of Wotton House, adding a delightful recreational twist to our academic trip. In essence, it was a memorable mix of discovery, networking, and fun!

This blog post was written by Dilaksan Thillaithevan