Patient Day

On 13th July 2023, OncoEng held a patient day for our patient partners and researchers from across the OncoEng Project. This day was an excellent opportunity for co-creation of research ideas, and modification of existing research pathways to match the lived experience of metastatic bone disease (MBD). The day was well received by both patient partners and researchers, with the researchers gaining a very personal insight into the diagnosis and treatment of MBD.

The day fostered a co-creation environment for brainstorming and refining research pathways, ensuring they align closely with the actual experiences of those battling Metastatic Bone Disease. Patient partners and researchers exchanged insights, deepening researchers’ understanding of MBD’s practical challenges while empowering patients through active participation.

I felt that the patients made a difference and it was useful input that we provided
I liked the direct way of interaction with patients. It really helped me in better understanding their problems and needs. I’m sure it will be a valuable asset for my future work
Absolutely fascinating, humbling and hugely inspiring to meet some of the brightest minds working so hard to improve the lives of people like us. Thank you!
Great insight on the patient journey in the NHS. Never knew how many challenges there was to get treatment
Gave hope for the future for me and people like me
I really liked hearing the diverse perspectives of the patients which challenged the views of the researcher
Felt like I was heard and had a voice
Researcher presentations were judged by our patient partners on their ability to convey complex research aims to a lay audience. Dr Simao Laranjeira was awarded first place (pictured with Patient Partner Rachel Clayton)


  • Patient Partners: A heartfelt thank you to Julie Sutherland, Ian Sutherland, Karen Brennan, Carole Pollard, Victoria Groves, Katie Hinken, Rachel Clayton for their invaluable contributions.
  • Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust Recognition: Special thanks to Dr. Hanif Ismail, our Patient and Public Involvement Manager, for his pivotal role in the event’s success.
  • METUPUK for assisting to gather patients to be involved in the event to give their views living as patients with spine metastases and the impact on their lives, patients welcome research to help with their disease.

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