World Cancer Day

The Leeds Cancer Research Centre will be delivering a mini-conference as part of World Cancer Day on the 3 rd February (World Cancer Day is actually on 4th Feb). OncoEng is very supportive of the Leeds Cancer Research Centre bringing together the diverse range of activities within Leeds that encompass engineering, physical scientists, biologists as well as the clinicians.

The Leeds Cancer Research Centre has been extremely supportive in providing the hugely successful ‘Cancer for Engineers and Physical Scientists’ lectures series which will produce a fantastic resource for future researchers making the transition from hard science to cancer research, which is one of the UK’s Grand Challenges. To underpin the need for engineers and physical scientists in the coal face of cancer treatment, two of lectures today on the course, mentioned above, emphasised the shortage of highly qualified scientists, who are key to the successful implementation of a new generation of radiological and radiotherapeutic treatments at all stages of cancer. This echo’s the recent statements from the professional body responsible for engineers and physical scientists in medicine and the NHS cancer workforce plan.


Richard M Hall (Professor) (2023), “Innovative approaches to cancer treatments oncological engineering”, Open Access Government January 2023, pp.94-95. Available at 02 Feb 2023)