National Patient Participation Week 31st May -6th June

PPG Awareness Week is an annual initiative aimed at raising awareness about the importance of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) in healthcare. The event seeks to educate patients, the general public, and healthcare professionals about the role and benefits of PPGs, highlighting the value of true patient participation. Additionally, the week-long campaign aims to promote the support available from the National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P).

Patient participation is a crucial element of shaping services and research projects, and within BioTrib and OncoEng we fully embrace this. Patients live with their conditions every day, becoming experts in their own care and the treatment pathways available to them. Both patients and researchers benefit from patient involvement: involving patients as partners in the research process ensures that our studies address real-world needs, capture meaningful outcomes, and produce interventions that improve patient care; and through active involvement patients gain a voice, become better educated, and take control of their health.

As the medical community continues to recognise the importance of patient participation, we move towards a more patient-centred and effective approach to research, ultimately leading to better outcomes for all. As we begin to plan our next patient participation event in July 2023, we look forward to the wealth of knowledge and experience this will bring to our research programmes.

Learn more about National Patient Participation Week 31st May -6th June here.