MetUp UK: Darker Side of Pink Exhibition

Today I visited the #DarkerPink exhibition at the Danum Gallery and Museum in Doncaster. The presence of dark pink figures, listening to their stories as I stood in front of them, really brought home the impact of metastatic breast cancer.

I thank the women involved in this project for sharing their reality and was delighted to see the general public engaging with this.

Although many of the women sharing their stories will not survive, their voices have been heard and hopefully, research programmes such as OncoEng will provide options for future metastatic cancer patients and influence treatment pathways.

I would encourage everyone to hear the stories of 31 women and share their truth.

The Darker Side of Pink exhibition is being displayed at the Danum Art Gallery, Doncaster until the 2nd of September. For more information on its future locations, and MetUpUK, click here.

 This article was written by Dr. Sarah Field, OncoEng Knowledge Exchange Manager.